Hewwo :3!

This is LoveyLo!!! Thee cutie patootie of the interwebs [evil laugh] Neocities.

I'm currently still learning how 2 make sites liek these! So plsplspls be patient (=^•́ܫ•̀^)

Aaaaa okayyy i wanna try making this a portfolio??? Sorta? Am doin dis 4 fun, so yeah. Either way I still wanna use it somehow. Making it a site for mai art would be cooooool but also i could just make this liek a silly 'about me' hmmmm so many options!!!! WE SHALL SEE AS I PROGRESSSS MIAU!!!!

tokyo mew mew cat nyaing

List of things I wanna figure out:

Keeping dis link here so I can check it while working on da site MIAU!

Mini change log!!1!!!!1

Created on May 11, 2023

Added photo + Gif BG May 12, 2023

Massive changes to code, removed a lot of the base code from before. May 16, 2023

Finally made proper changes to the css. May 17, 2023